Terms and Conditions

Contractual Minimum Term

Each service listed under Contractual Agreement must remain connected and provided by Talk Box for the Contractual Minimum Term commencing on the service commencement date. If any service is ceased before the Contractual Minimum Term has expired then early termination fees will apply and these fees will be invoiced to the customer in due course.

One Off Charges & Monthly Rentals

The charges applicable to Hosted Voice, PSTN, ISDN2, ISDN30 & Broadband services shall be the RRP as detailed within Appendix 1. For clarity these charges stated are available subject to survey. Additional charges may be applied where installation of a new service incurs additional cost to Talk Box.  Any such charges will be advised to the customer prior to installation of the required service. Talk Box reserves the right to make amendments at anytime to any products or service provided as part of this agreement including rental charges.

Number Ports & Transfer Charges

The charge applicable to number ports or the transfer of existing fixed services from another provider to Talk Box (where no wiring changes are needed) shall be the RRP as detailed within Appendix 1.

Fraud Protection

Every customer that joins Talk Box will be provided with our Exceptional Call Reporting facility which will guard your business against communications fraud. Exceptional Call Reporting is an opt out service which will be billed at £1.99 ex vat per month per telephone line associated with your Cloud Networks business account.

Notice Period

Where a customer terminates service or changes supplier, a minimum notice period of 90 days must be provided to Talk Box in writing.

Non Payment or Late Payment

When a customer fails to make payment or is late making payment to Talk Box, a late payment fee of £10.00 will be applied per occasion and will be added to the customers next Invoice. If non payment continues then Talk Box reserve the right to restrict service access across all customer products and services either by temporary barring or permanent ceasing of service.

Invoicing & Payment Methods

All Talk Box customers will be Invoiced on a monthly cycle, with invoices being delivered by email. If customers require paper invoices to be delivered by post then this will incur a £5.00 surcharge per invoice. Customers can pay for their services via Monthly Direct Debit and UK Bank Transfers however customers choosing not to pay by Direct Debit will also incur a £5.00 Non D/D surcharge per invoice. Please note cheque payments and International transfers will not be accepted.